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Step by Step

Interactive computer curriculum provides demonstrations of how to perform mobility techniques.

CVI Complexity Sequences Kit

Image sequences on cards for use by students with CVI who have had success with 2-dimensional materials.

New Releases

Address: Earth, Large Format Color Atlas, Section Two

This revolutionary new atlas meets 70 specific readability guidelines for users with low vision.

Quick and Easy Expanded Core Curriculum The Hatlen Center Guide

Over 140 lessons to address the nine areas of the Expanded Core Curriculum.

Featured Categories

Mathematics Mathematics

APH's offerings in this area include math software, measuring devices such as accessible protractors, math games, and a talking scientific calculator.

Expanded Core Curriculum Expanded Core Curriculum

Most professionals firmly believe that visually impaired students need an expanded core curriculum that requires additional areas of learning.

Biology Biology

Several accessible life sciences teaching kits are offered by APH.

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    Custom Accessible Media

    There are over 10 million vision impaired people in the U.S.
    APH can help you reach these vital customers by making your publications accessible:
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