Alcatraz, The Rock

Series: Start-to-Finish Books ; Nick Ford Mysteries.
""""Meet Nick Ford. Nick is a teacher at City College of New York. He travels all over America. meet Nick's two kids, Jeff and Kris. Their best friends are Ken Rice and Mandy Ming. Nick takes all of them on his trips. They are in San Francisco for a vacation. One night Jeff and mandy save a downing man. The man was trying to sneak into America on a boat. The owner of the boat tried to kill him because he knew too much. Something else is on that boat. The man asks for help. Look aout. The fireworks are just beginning."""" -- back cover.
by Jerry Stemach
Original Publisher:
Don Johnston Incorporated
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Alcatraz, The Rock Catalog Number: A-L01168-00
Format: Large Print, 1 v., 59

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