All Aboard! The Sight Word Activity Express

All Aboard! is a fantastic tool for instruction and assessment of a student's recognition of sight (high frequency) words! The list of 220 words (prepositions, conjunctions, pro-nouns, adjectives, adverbs, and verbs), plus 95 nouns, is categorized according to grade level: pre-primer, primer, first, second, and third.

Words are divided into individual print/braille magnetic labels. The contracted braille/print labels are identified by black text on a yellow background with a diagonal cut in the upper right corner. The uncontracted (letter-by-letter) labels utilize a braille contraction in the ""contracted"" set, and are identified by black text on a white background with a curved cut in the upper right corner. 

The accessory labels (noun, verb, contracted, uncontracted, one-syllable, two-syllable, short vowel, long vowel) accommodate a variety of sorting tasks, and are indicated by white text on a blue background with two opposite diagonal cuts. The accessory labels also include blank, white labels in multiple lengths for creating additional word labels. All of the labels can be stored and sorted in the binder using the provided word label pocket pages.
Blue magnetic sorting strips are provided in two lengths (10 1/2 x 1/2 and 8 1/2 x 1/2 inches) and help create charts, diagrams, and tactile/visual guide lines for positioning the word labels on the All Aboard! magnetic/dry-erase board. The Teacher's Guidebook contains activity suggestions, and the sight word Assessment Checklist helps keep track of the word recognition progress of an individual. The CD-ROM includes accessible versions of the Guidebook and the Checklist.

A free braille-ready file (brf) of the Teacher's Guidebook is available for download at:

A free Microsoft© Excel© spreadsheet of the sight word assessment checklist is available for download at: "
Age Range:
5 and Up


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