Boehm-3 K-2 Big Picture Kit

Boehm-3 K-2 is an easy-to-administer tool that helps identify children who need help with basic relational concepts.

Boehm-3: Test of Basic Concepts, Third Edition, K-2 measures 50 basic concepts relevant to school success. Results help identify students who may not have had the learning experiences necessary to develop an understanding of key concepts.

Developed for easy use with English and Spanish-speaking students.

Boehm-3 K-2 Big Picture Kit Includes
  • Big Picture Manual
  • Test Administration and Scoring Directions
  • Record Form (25-pack)
  • Parent Letter
            -- English (25-pack)
            -- Spanish (15-pack)
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Additional Information:

Notes: Boehm-3 Examiner's Manual is available through Pearson at:

Full reliability and validity data for children without visual impairment can be found in the Examiner's Manual (see link above), but does not apply to this adaptation. Everything needed to administer the test to children with visual impairment is included in these kits.

The Boehm-3 Kits can be used with students diagnosed with CVI by applying the same accommodations that they use in school. There is no background complexity, and the drawings have already been simplified for use with low vision students.