Braille Contraction Cards, UEB

Flashcards for drilling on the braille literary code. Includes in both large print and braille:

  • Alphabet and numbers
  • Punctuation and composition signs
  • One-cell whole-word and part-word signs
  • Two-cell contractions
  • Short-form words

There are 247 cards, measuring 3 1/2 x 2 inches. The first 26 cards contain the braille alphabet on one side and large print on the other side. Remaining cards contain Contracted Braille on one side and both Uncontracted Braille and large print on the other side.

Eight blank cards, 30 indexing cards with tabs, and a storage box are included.

Note: Can be used with the Card Chart or Dolch Word Cards.


Braille Contraction Cards, UEB Catalog Number: 1-03561-01
Format: Product

Price: $38.00

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