Charge Syndrome Revisited (2007) CD-ROM - ON SALE

The frequency of behavior problems in children with sensory impairment is greater than in other groups of children. Children with CHARGE Syndrome often have a multitude of physical, sensory, endocrinological, and developmental problems. Therefore, it is likely that a range of behavior problems may develop.

This CD-ROM presents a 5 year follow-up of 6 children with CHARGE Syndrome. Topics discussed include:

  • Analysis and Intervention of Challenging Behaviors
  • Methods to Enhance Communication
  • Use of Cochlear Implant(s)
  • How to Design an IEP
  • Attachment
  • Depression

Note: This CD-ROM has a new title and catalog number. The former title was Living with CHARGE. The content and price have not changed.

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by Dr. Jan van Dijk, Dr. Cathy Nelson, and Arno de Kort, MD
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Charge Syndrome Revisited (2007) CD-ROM - ON SALE Catalog Number: 1-31003-01
Format: E-File

Price: $29.00

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