Color-By-Texture Marking Mats

These fun, educational textured mats facilitate a variety of art activities for young children and students who are visually impaired and blind.

Color-by-Texture Marking Mats include an assortment of textured mats which encourage students to independently select embellishments for their personal artwork and coloring pages, as well as for art creations made with clay, foil, and more!

The primary goal of this product is to invite tactile learners to be active participants in art activities by making their own choices based on color and texture preferences. The textured mats and related items can also be used by adults for more sophisticated art creations. The kit is ideal for promoting shared art experiences within a variety of instructional settings with sighted peers.

How to Use

Place a chosen mat underneath a coloring page and rub with a waxed crayon. A wider assortment of textures and shapes can be generated by using different coloring techniques as described in the accompanying instruction booklet.

The coloring pages incorporate large blank areas that will capture the rubbed pattern(s). To create a stable working surface, insert a textured coloring mat into the provided non-skid tray and place the coloring page on top.

The textured mats can also be used in combination with quick-drying clay, modeling compound, or heavy-gauge diagramming foil.

  • "Fun Shapes" mat
  • Blue rigid vinyl mats with these textures: rough/coarse, wavy, bold, bumpy, diagonal, stripes, small, bumpy, zigzag, cross-hatch
  • Set of raised-line tactile coloring pages
  • Non-skid coloring tray
  • Box of triangular Crayola® crayons
  • Crayon Names Sticker Sheet in braille with print reference sheet
  • Instruction booklet, in print and in braille
  • Storage/carrying box with handle

Recommended ages: 3 years and up

Field Test Evaluators Comments about Color-By-Texture Marking Mats:
  • "Allows more Independence."
  • "Students were given greater control over their coloring by allowing them to pick a texture."
  • "These tiles (mats) are safe, fun, interesting, and more pleasant to touch than the old window screens, which are still being used for coloring."
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