DNA Twist

DNA Twist is a model that demonstrates the structure of the DNA molecule in a way that is accessible to students who are blind and visually impaired.


The DNA Twist model is made of two foam sidebars representing the sugar-phosphate “backbone” and ten rungs representing the paired bases. The paired-base rungs are made of contrasting colors and textures to convey the concept of the base-pairing rules that govern the structure of double-stranded DNA molecules.


The model is shipped flat and easily twists to form the familiar double-helix configuration of a DNA molecule. The model holds its shape when twisted. The included stand holds the model in its twisted formation, and a short instruction booklet provides information about DNA and educational resources.


● DNA Twist Model
● Stand with a non-slip adhesive bottom (customer applies)

● Instruction Booklet, large print


DNA Twist Catalog Number: 1-08978-00
Format: Product

Price: $57.00

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