EZ Track Medical Record Keeper

EZ Track is a multi-faceted lineof low vision products to help you get organized...and stay that way!

Designed for people with low vision, EZ Track products utilize large print of at least 18 points, easy-to-use binder formatting, and special accessories as aids in organizing important day-to-day activities.
There are four products in the EZ Track series: Address Book, Calendar, Financial Record Keeper, and Medical Record Keeper.

EZ Track Medical Record Keeper
This is a large print organizational tool for keeping medical records. It provides a system for storing and organizing information on personal identification, medical history, insurance, medications, physicians, and other medical records.

The EZ Track Medical Record Keeper is on non-glare paper, with 22-point type. It's housed in a three-ring binder for easy access and re-organization. Extra sheets for physician's and personal notes are included. Handy folders are included for insertion of invoices, reminders, and prescriptions. Tab pages divide the product into easy-to-locate divisions.


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EZ Track Medical Record Keeper Catalog Number: 1-07930-00
Format: Product

Price: $80.00

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