Fine Motor Development Materials Kit: Twist, Turn, and Learn

These materials from APH can help young visually impaired children develop and refine fine motor functions.

This product was designed to help young children who are visually impaired or multihandicapped in developing and refining fine motor functions. The eight modular units included in the kit assist students in developing such skills as reaching, grasping, raking, pincer grasp, wrist rotation, searching technique, palmar grasp, and visual-motor/visual-perceptual coordination.

Fine Motor Development Materials includes eight specially designed modules which attract the child's attention with bright colors and ringing bells. The modules nest together for convenient storage in a durable carrying bag. Also included is a set of straps designed to allow the modules to be hung on playpens or cribs. Comes with a teacher’s guidebook that contains ideas and suggestions for utilizing the modules.

The modules have been extensively tested for safety and durability.

Age Range:
0.01 to 3
Sheri Moore, project director ; Sharon Bensinger, project assistant ; Suzette Wright, project assistant.
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Fine Motor Development Materials Kit: Twist, Turn, and Learn Catalog Number: 1-08420-00
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Additional Information:

Modules include
  • Fun Flowers -- Multicolored, with bells, to help develop grasp/release, reaching, raking, eye-hand coordination, finger manipulation/coordination, and tactual discrimination.
  • Clown Pull -- Pulling alternately on the colorful clown face's nose or bow tie causes a bell to sound. Helps develop palmar grasp, grasp/release, and eye-hand coordination.
  • Rattles -- Of various shapes and colors mounted on two rods to develop reaching-grasping, pincer grasp, finger manipulation/coordination, and tactual discrimination. Happy Airplane -- When the plane's propeller is spun, a bell chimes. Develops wrist rotation, palmar grasp, grasp/release, and reaching-grasping.
  • Bell Chime -- When a mounted circular disk is rotated by the handle, a bell rings. Helps develop pincer grasp, wrist rotation, and finger manipulation/coordination.
  • Spinner with Overlays -- Has four brightly colored geometric patterns to be overlaid on the spinner. Develops pincer grasp, finger manipulation/coordination, visual discrimination, raking, and eye-hand coordination.
  • Hook/Loop Pull -- Two colorful strips of hook/loop material with handles help develop grasp/release, pincer grasp, two-handed grasp, and two-handed pull.
  • Hidden Pocket -- Has an elastic cloth pocket for hiding various objects. Develops search techniques, tactual discrimination, and reaching-grasping skills.