Flip-Over Concept Books: TEXTURES

These concept books provide interactive, independent learning for young children as they build basic concepts and develop early tactile skills. The format of LINE PATHS (and future Flip-Over-Concept Books) includes tactile and full-color panels that can be turned freely until the child finds adjacent panels that match, continue a line or pattern, complete a sequence, build an image, and so on.

Introduce and practice these concepts and skills:
  • Directional, spatial, and descriptive vocabulary such as curved, straight, zigzag, down, up, stair-step, wavy, diagonal, wide, narrow, etc.
  • Tactile discrimination and line-tracking
  • Familiarization with many types of tactile lines that will later be encountered in tactile displays (graphs, maps, etc.)
  • Visual discrimination and line-tracking (Note: each of the 10 line paths is assigned a unique background color)
Age Range:
4 and Up
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