Four Line 8 Dot Slate

A four line, 28-cell braille slate that follows the 8-Dot Braille System.

Traditional braille consists of six dots per cell, but six dots can only represent 64 unique patterns. Braille overcomes this limitation by letting two or more cells represent a single character. Preceding the symbol for a letter, for example, with a dot six makes that letter capital.

It is often desirable, especially in scientific or computer fields, to be able to represent a full character set, like ASCII in a one-to-one correspondence. That is where the 8-dot cell becomes important. With 8 dots to represent a character, you can make 256 unique patterns.

APH offers a free file download that allows you to print your own slate on a 3-D printer.
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Four Line 8 Dot Slate Catalog Number: D-19920-ED
Format: Product

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