Hundreds Boards and Manipulatives Kit

These two boards and included manipulative items can be used to help teach basic math concepts. Includes two desk-sized boards made of heavy-duty plastic.

The Grid Board has a raised-line, 10 x 10 inch grid outlined in black. Grid is blank and manipulatives can be attached to it.

The Number Board also has a raised-line 10 x 10 inch grid outlined in black. The grid is preprinted with the numbers 1 through 100 in large print and in Nemeth Braille. This board acts as a reference to check work placed on the Grid Board and can be used for concept demonstration.

Included are hundreds of manipulative pieces made of tough plastic and backed with VELCRO® brand material for attaching to the Grid Board. There are two kinds of manipulatives, numbers (1 through 100) and four colored shapes.

Video: Watch a teacher and student-made video showing how the Hundreds Boards can be used to make learning math concepts into a fun activity.  
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Age Range:
5 to 10
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Hundreds Boards and Manipulatives Kit Catalog Number: 1-03105-00
Format: Product

Price: $196.00

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Additional Information:

Uses include:

• Patterning

• Counting

• Ordering numbers

• Comparing numbers

• Addition, subtraction, and multiplication

• Graphing data

• Using cardinal directions


Note: Some assembly required.