Illinois Braille Series, Book 1, Uncontracted Braille Revised

This popular braille course for adults now teaches UEB code!

The Illinois Braille Series (UEB), a classic program designed to teach braille code to adults transitioning from print to braille literacy, includes raised print letters, braille, tracking guidelines, practice activities, writing drills, and an interesting variety of reading selections. The two-volume set progresses from uncontracted to contracted braille.

Book I Topics & Lessons:
  • Braille alphabet
  • Braille numbers
  • Basic punctuation symbols

Book I is produced in standard-sized braille rather than enlarged (jumbo) braille. Guidelines and double spacing assist the learner.

Book II Topics and Lessons:
  • Contractions and additional symbols, which comprise Unified English Braille (UEB).

Special formatting to aid development of efficient hand movement. Braille Code Instruction offered by APH: For a list of braille instruction books and codebooks offered by APH, please visit:
Illinois Braille Committee of 1992
Original Publisher:
Illinois Braille Committee
Publish Date:
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Illinois Braille Series, Book 1, Uncontracted Braille Catalog Number: 5-17230-02
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Illinois Braille Series, Book 1, Print Catalog Number: 7-17230-01
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