Increasing Complexity CVI Pegboard

Paired with diagnostic teaching strategies, the pegboard set helps create low to high complexity background templates against which to present peg activities. These activities help determine and support a child's color, lighting, movement, and complexity needs.

When paired with the Light Box, this board can be lit up to guide the learner. Add a colored Light Box overlay under the pegboard to provide a light color cue. The Invisiboard can help block out distractions and the All-in-One Board can be used when light is no longer necessary to illicit attention.    
The APH Tactile Graphic Image Library (TGIL) has access to 3-D printing files, allowing additional pegs to be printed on your own 3-D printer, according to its ability. Just sign in or register for a free account at:


Increasing Complexity Pegboard Catalog Number: 1-08160-00
Format: Product

Price: $169.00

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