Joy Player

Easy-to-load, switch-activated music player makes listening to MP3 and WAV files accessible!

The Joy Player is a personal electronic device that allows individuals with visual and multiple impairments to access music and audio books. It is designed to use with the personal music player routine in APH’s Sensory Learning Kit (SLK). The Joy Player differs from other music playing devices on the commercial market and from the National Library Service’s Digital Talking Book Player because it is designed to accommodate individuals who are developing fine motor skills, have limited mobility, or cognitive disability in addition to a visual impairment.

The Joy Player plays audio from three different types of portable electronic storage devices: SD card, USB flash drive, and Digital Talking Book (DTB) Cartridge. The player comes with two blank DTB Cartridges. Simply copy any WAV or MP3 file to an SD card, USB flash drive, or DTB Cartridge.

  • Hook and Loop Strap, 65 inches
  • Bag of black caps and black rings
  • Recharger
  • USB Cable
  • DTB Cartridges (2)
  • Braille note on downloadable instructions
  • Instruction Book, Large Print

Note: The Joy Player does not play pre-recorded books on DTB Cartridges from the National Library Service (NLS) because NLS uses 3GS files, not WAV or MP3 files.

Product Features
The chute is designed to help students with limited mobility skills guide the cartridge into the player. The product has twist-on caps (with accompanying rings) to temporarily reduce the number of button switches on the device; this reduces visual and cognitive complexity.

Modes of Operation
The product features multiple modes of operation to accommodate a diverse range of cognitive and physical abilities and environmental settings. The player operates with AC (plugs into the wall outlet) and DC (batteries).

Button Switches
The Joy Player features five button switches that operate—from left to right—the following tasks:
  • decrease volume
  • back to the previous song (reverse)
  • play/pause
  • advance to the next song (fast-forward)
  • increase volume

External Switches
Direct switch use. The back of The Joy Player has jacks to accept external switches. As many as five switches can be added—one each to provide the function of each button switch. External switches operate whether the player is using AC or DC.

SLK mode
The Joy Player operates with the SLK Power Select when the main power switch on the back of the player is set in the SLK mode position. In the SLK mode, and when using a sip and puff switch, the student may play and pause the audio; he will not be able to control song choice or volume.

The Joy Player comes with six, rechargeable, AA metal hydride batteries.

Measures: 13 1/2 x 6 1/2 x 2 inches, includes belt-loop feet and cartridge chute.

Downloadable Manual: The guidebook for this product is available as a free-of-charge download -- you may print or emboss it as needed using the downloaded file. Visit our downloadable manuals page at:

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Age Range:
3 and Up


Joy Player Catalog Number: 1-07089-00
Format: Product

Price: $349.00

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