Keitzer Check-Writing Guide

This guide allows you to feel the locations of the various blanks on a standard sized check and write in the correct areas.

The Keitzer Check Writing Guide is a flexible, durable, polyethylene guide that will hold any standard check. A slant is located at the upper left corner for orientation. Placing a Check in the Guide Slide a check into the guide, face up, with the top left corner of the check on the slant of the guide. The check rests against two stops; one along the bottom and one on the right end.

Using the Guide There are four rows of openings. On the top row the left side is for writing in the month and day and the right side is for the year. The second row left side is for writing who the check is for (Pay to the Order of), the right side is for writing in the numeric amount in dollars and cents. The third row has one opening for writing out the amount. The bottom row left side is for writing a memo and the right side is for your signature.

The closed guide measures 3 1/2 x 6 1/4 inches and easily fits in a shirt pocket or purse. It works with checks that are standard size and have a standard layout.


Keitzer Check-Writing Guide Catalog Number: 1-03528-00
Format: Product

Price: $10.00

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Keitzer Check-Writing Guide for Veterans Catalog Number: 1-03528-VET
Format: Product

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