Keitzer Check-Writing Guide

The Keitzer Check Writing Guide is a flexible, durable guide that will hold any standard check. For easy orientation, simply place a check in the Guide Slide, face up, with the upper left corner of the check on the slant of the guide. The check rests against two stops; one along the bottom and one on the right end.

Using the Guide, you’ll easily find openings in which to write the following information:
  • Month, day, and year
  • To whom the check is written (Pay to the Order of)
  • Numeric and written value of the check in dollars and cents
  • A short memo
  • Your signature


Keitzer Check-Writing Guide Catalog Number: 1-03528-00
Format: Product

Price: $10.00

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Keitzer Check-Writing Guide for Veterans Catalog Number: 1-03528-VET
Format: Product

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