Lots of Dots: Coloring the Garden

Learning by coloring is fun! 

Lots of Dots: Coloring the Garden  is one book in the Lots of Dots Coloring Book Series. An exciting set of three raised-line coloring books designed for future large print and braille readers. The books are designed for sequential use; children develop character recognition, pre-literacy, and pre-math skills, and eventually picture building and daily living skills.

Lots of Dots helps children with visual impairments gain skills similar to those of their sighted peers, facilitating peer interaction. Accompanying each book are suggested enrichment exercises for each letter, number, or word, allowing a child to fully associate the print letter, the braille, the tactile graphic, and the object. 

Lots of Dots: Coloring the Garden
This book presents a variety of fruits, vegetables, and herbs, and introduces picture building. The book begins with an empty garden. Each page adds a new feature, i.e., clouds, rain, seeds, and plants. Once the garden has grown, a new garden item is introduced on each page for the child to color. The enrichment activities are simple recipes that the child and parents/siblings/teachers can do together. The activities present daily living skills, such as planning, organizing, and food preparation. This book uses uncontracted and contracted braille, where applicable.

To better enjoy this book, children should first complete Lots of Dots: Learning My ABC's and Lots of Dots: Counting 123.

Video: Watch a teacher and student-made video showing some of the activities available in the Lots of Dots Coloring Book Series.

Grade Level:
P and Up


Lots of Dots: Coloring the Garden Catalog Number: 1-10002-00
Format: Braille

Price: $56.00

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