Multiplication and Division Table Kit, Revised

REVISED! This handy kit helps students quickly find the products and quotients of whole numbers.

A large print/braille tool to help math students with multiplication and division problems. The chart is printed/embossed on white index card stock and is punched for a 3-ring binder. Alternating rows are highlighted to help low vision students easily track numbers. 

The Multiplication and Division Table Kit, Updated has been expanded so students can find the products of two whole numbers from 1-10 or the quotient of a related division problem.


  • 10 charts (grids)
  • Print guidebook

  • Downloadable Manual: A braille guidebook is available as a free-of-charge download in the .brf file format -- you may emboss it as needed using the downloaded file. We do not sell a braille guidebook for this product. Visit our downloadable manuals page at:
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    Multiplication and Division Table Kit, Revised Catalog Number: 5-82700-01
    Format: Product

    Price: $19.50

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