Perkins-APH Brailler - ON SALE

Improved Version 2 Based on User Feedback!

The well-loved classic Perkins Brailler® has been reimagined, retaining all the attributes that make it the most widely used braillewriter in the world. The Perkins-APH Brailler adds many new features that make it more portable and easier to use.

The Perkins-APH Brailler is designed to be quieter, lighter, and more comfortable for brailling. It includes functions that YOU asked for: a built-in eraser, a way to read the page easily while writing, a shorter keystroke requiring less force, and margin guides on the front. The Perkins-APH Brailler features a sleek design with tactile elements, environmentally-friendly materials, and is APH Blue. The brailler has an Easy-Grip handle and accommodates standard 8 1/2 inch wide paper.


Recent Improvements

  • Paper feed mechanism is improved for easier, more stable paper loading
  • Sturdier carriage button resists breakage
  • Line spacer made of stronger steel to withstand greater pressure
  • Mechanical improvements to back spacer to ensure better functionality
  • More robust margin guides for smoother movement
  • Housing constructed of reformulated, more resilient material



  • Lighter and smaller: Easier to hold and carry
  • Quieter: The keystroke noise is reduced, end-of-line bell is audible but muted
  • Gentle Touch Keys: Less force required, keys are lower and easier to reach
  • Easy-Erase Button: Push to erase an entire braille cell
  • Easy-Grip Handle: The Brailler base is also a handle
  • Reading Rest: The back panel can be raised to provide a flat surface for reading the page
  • Front Panel Margin Guides: Easily accessible; no more reaching around the back
  • Highly Durable: Metal inner frame and parts, high-impact polycarbonate shell
  • Paper-Feed Knobs: Easier to hold and turn
  • High contrast colors: Between keys and Brailler body for low vision users
  • Environmentally-Friendly: Uses less oil and recyclable plastic
  • Sleek design: With tactile-friendly materials
  • One-year limited warranty


NOTE: Young children should be supervised during exploration and pre-braille activites.


Learn about the Perkins-APH Brailler with these videos:

Introduction to the Perkins-APH Brailler


IMPORTANT INFORMATION ON USING THE PERKINS-APH BRAILLER: Quick Start Instructions: It's Different than the Classic! (no audio)


Perkins-APH Brailler is on sale! Original price $735.00. Available while supplies last.

Age Range:
3 and Up
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Additional Information:



  • Weight: 25% lighter than the Classic Perkins Brailler
  • Dimensions: 12 x 10 x 6 inches
  • Paper Size: 8 1/2 x 11 inches (max. 8 1/2 x 14inches), 28 cells