Protein Synthesis Kit

This kit builds upon the APH DNA-RNA Kit and provides students who are blind and visually impaired with another sturdy and dependable model for molecular biology.

The Protein Synthesis Kit is an accessible, interactive model that adds to the molecular biology concepts introduced by the DNA-RNA Kit. After a messenger RNA molecule is prepared with the DNA-RNA Kit, students decode the RNA nucleotide sequence and build transfer RNA molecules that carry amino acids in the correct sequence. The Protein Synthesis Kit includes jigsaw puzzle-like pieces representing transfer RNA nucleotides, Stop and Start subunits, all twenty amino acids, and the APH Genetic Code Large Print Braille. The nucleotide subunits have color, large print, braille, and tactile indicators for the sugar and base (A, C, G, and U) components of the transfer RNA nucleotides. The amino acids are identified by shape, braille, and large print. Start and Stop subunits are identified by shape, tactile indicators, large print, and braille.

Use the Protein Synthesis Kit for classroom demonstration, student-student interaction, and testing and assessment activities.

Protein Synthesis Kit includes:
  • 64 transfer RNA subunits
  • 6 Stop Release factor subunits
  • 4 Start Methionine subunits
  • Two sets of all 20 amino acids
  • APH Genetic Code Large Print Braille
  • Large print guidebook
  • Storage/carry-box, large enough to hold this kit and the DNA-RNA Kit
  • Accessible HTML and BRF versions of the guidebook are available for download through the APH website
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Protein Synthesis Kit Catalog Number: 1-08975-00
Format: Product
Catalog Number: 1-08975-00
Format: Product

Price: $289.00

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