Scholastic News, Edition 5-6

Use today’s news to build your students’ language arts skills and content-area knowledge. Every issue of Scholastic News magazine features on-level nonfiction that connects current events to science and social studies topics you need to teach. The magazine also includes Teacher’s Guides with standards-based lesson plans and reproducibles designed to save you time. Plus, you get complete access to Scholastic News Online featuring digital issues, videos, Text-to-speech audio, alternate reading levels for differentiation, and so much more.

About Accessible Scholastic News® Subscriptions from APH:
For decades, APH has been proud to offer braille and large print editions of Weekly Reader®. Now Weekly Reader® has joined the Scholastic family. APH offers accessible editions of Scholastic News® at a cost comparable to regular print subscriptions. And Federal Quota funds may be used!

Note: To facilitate our internal processing, please order magazine subscriptions on separate orders from other APH products and books.

You may begin placing orders for the fall school year on July 1. We accept orders for each school year until the last day of February.

Questions About a Subscription? If you have questions about a subscription, please contact Dawn Eadens in Customer Service at 1-800-223-1839 or

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Grade Level:
5 to 6
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Scholastic News, Edition 5-6, Braille Catalog Number: ZW-SN5-B
Format: Braille

Price: $5.25

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Scholastic News, Edition 5-6, Large Print Catalog Number: ZW-SN5-LT
Format: Large Print

Price: $5.25

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Additional Information:

Subscription Rates for the 2016-2017 School Year, Per Student. 

Note: Ordering is closed the last day of February each year. We will be accepting orders for the fall school year beginning July 1. New rates may apply.

Braille Scholastic News® -- No. of Issues -- Catalog No. -- Annual Price


Grade Two -- 32 -- ZW-SN2-B -- $5.25

Grade Three -- 24 -- ZW-SN3-B -- $5.25

Grade Four -- 24 -- ZW-SN4-B -- $5.25

Grade Five-Six -- 24 -- ZW-SN5-B -- $5.25

Junior Scholastic® (Grades Six-Eight) -- 16 -- ZW-JRS-B -- $8.49

Science World® (Grade Six-Ten) -- 12 -- ZW-SSW-B -- $9.49

Large Print Scholastic News® -- No. of Issues -- Catalog No. -- Annual Price

Grade Two -- 32 -- ZW-SN2-LT -- $5.25

Grade Three -- 24 -- ZW-SN3-LT -- $5.25

Grade Four -- 24 -- ZW-SN4-LT -- $5.25

Grade Five-Six -- 24 -- ZW-SN5-LT -- $5.25

Junior Scholastic® (Grades Six-Eight) -- 16 -- ZW-JRS-LT -- $8.49

Science World® (Grades Six-Ten) -- 12 -- ZW-SSW-LT -- $9.49 

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