Step-by-Step An Interactive Guide to Mobility Techniques

This interactive computer curriculum provides step-by-step instructions and demonstrations of how to perform mobility techniques.

Step-By-Step, developed by Dr. Sandra Rosen, guides the user in strategies to identify and correct mobility errors commonly made by new learners.


  • Textbook to teach mobility techniques to Orientation and Mobility (O&M) students in university programs
  • Reference and review guide for O&M instructors
  • Manual for Teachers of the Visually Impaired (TVIs) and Certified Vision Rehabilitation Therapists (CVRTs) that covers mobility techniques that are within their scope of practice
  • Tool to help professionals, families, and friends of persons with visual impairments understand and support performance of mobility skills

Learning Modules Include

  • Human Guide Techniques
  • Long Cane Techniques
  • Non-Cane Techniques
  • Special Environments
  • Special Techniques
  • Street Crossing Techniques
  • Transportation Techniques

Note: While only O&M specialists should teach the 30 techniques included in Long Cane Techniques, Street Crossing Techniques, Special Environments, and Transportation Techniques modules, teachers of students with visual impairments, vision rehabilitation therapists, and other professionals, family members, and friends may wish to learn, as appropriate, some of the 23 techniques included in Human Guide Techniques, Non-Cane Techniques, and Special Techniques modules.

ATTENTION FLASH DRIVE USERS: After inserting the flash drive into your computer, open and read the "Read Me First" pdf.
After opening any module folder, click ONLY the file labeled "0 Double-Click to Start on PC" or "0 Double-Click to Start on Mac". DO NOT OPEN ANY OTHER FILE ON THE FLASH DRIVES. Opening any other file in the menu will corrupt the Step-By-Step program and render it permanently unstable.

Sandra Rosen
Original Publisher:
American Printing House for the Blind
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Step-by-Step Catalog Number: 8-75980-00
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Additional Information:

Step-By-Step Includes

  • Seven Study Guides: Designed for in-depth study, each spiral bound volume describes in words and pictures how to perform mobility techniques for a given learning module; provides strategies for choosing teaching environments; lists prerequisite and related skills, includes instructional strategies; and offers helpful teaching tips (e.g., how to modify skills for travelers who have special needs).
  • Seven Review Guides: Perfect to carry while teaching a lesson, each spiral bound volume provides "Keywords" and memory hints along with a picture for performing each step in a technique.
  • Introduction and Appendices: This spiral bound volume includes a glossary of terms, a matrix of prerequisite and related techniques, and much more.
  • User's Guide for Flash Drive Videos: This booklet explains how to run and use interactive videos.
  • URL for downloading all text materials: All text materials can be stored and viewed on computers, smartphones, or tablets.
  • Video flash drives: One 32 GB flash drive for Macs and another for PCs include interactive videos of each technique that can be viewed one step at a time or as a whole as often as desired. Videos interactively depict performance errors commonly made by those who are learning to travel and demonstrate consequences of and appropriate measures to correct these errors.