TADPOLE: Soft Snap Puzzles (8-pack) - ON SALE

The Soft Snap Puzzles are useful with both the TADPOLE and ToAD activities. Each smooth-top puzzle is an image taken from Tasha Tadpole’s Puzzle Book, affixed to a firm, yet spongy material, perfect for youngsters to snap together. Many children who are tactually defensive will be able to use the Soft Snap Puzzles. Each puzzle is made of six, large pieces housed within a sponge frame. They are great for assessment or practice on the following concepts:

  • parts of a whole
  • visual closure
  • shape discrimination
  • eye hand coordination
  • figure ground discrimination
  • scanning
  • object identification
  • cross of the midline plane 

Images and activities found in TADPOLE are reinforced by the Soft Snap Puzzles. Some images included are:

  • spoon
  • cup
  • banana
  • face
  • toothbrush
  • ball
  • bowl
  • apple

The background colors of these images vary. Each package contains 8 different, randomly-selected Soft Snap Puzzles. Since there are more than 20 different images, not every image is represented in each pack of puzzles. Get several packs to ensure a wide range of images.

On Sale! Original price $75.00. Available while supplies last.

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TADPOLE: Soft Snap Puzzles (8-pack) - ON SALE Format: Product
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