Textured Paper Collection

This paper collection contains tactile colored sheets that can be cut and applied to other surfaces for many uses.

These sheets have a variety of uses in tactile applications, such as:

  • Making tactile items on worksheets
  • Creating areal patterns in tactile diagrams
  • Adding texture to adapted storybooks
  • Creating tactile artworks
  • Labeling household items or books


  • Blue and neon green embossed paper (2 sheets each)
  • Yellow and clear vinyl (1 sheet each)
  • Red, orange, green, and black Tactile Colours® (1 sheet each)
  • Double-sided adhesive (7 sheets)

Video: Watch a teacher-made video showing an example of how the Textured Paper Collection can be used to enhance a student's decoding, recognition, and memorization skills.
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Textured Paper Collection Catalog Number: 1-03275-00
Format: Product

Price: $54.00

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