Braille Trail Reader LE

Start your students’ braille journey with a positive technology experience that allows them to  discover the joys of reading and writing.

The Braille Trail Reader LE is a customized, limited edition version of HumanWare’s Brailliant ™ BI 14 braille display, developed exclusively for teachers and students. The proprietary Braille Trail Reader File Transfer Windows® App enables teachers to easily read and transfer files to and from their students’ Reader. Students can take notes, and create, edit and read text and braille files, enhancing the classroom experience, student productivity, and school success. 

• 14 high-quality braille cells and 8-dot braille input keys
• Simple navigation methods and changeable braille codes
• Comfortable typing experience with a note-taker style space bar
• Touch sensor routers and HumanWare signature thumb keys
• Navigation joystick
• Internal intelligence:
    o Clock application and stop watch
    o Wake up iOS device
    o Stand-alone note application (with or without pairing to an iOS device)
• Durable, red case

• Braille Trail Reader LE
• Durable carrying case and lanyard
• Micro-USB charging cable
• Quick Start Guide (print)
• Command Summary (braille)
• Decorative Braille Bug® sticker

Visit to access the Braille Trail Reader User’s Guide, Quick Start Guide, Braille Command Summary, answers to Frequently Asked Questions, and the installers needed to access/download the proprietary Braille Trail Reader File Transfer Windows App.

Visit for additional resources, including more information about braille literacy, engaging and inclusive student activities, and to order a complimentary Classroom Kit.

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Braille Trail Reader LE Catalog Number: 1-07421-00
Format: Product

Price: $995.00

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