Money Talks: Bank Account Management Software

Money Talks™ is a completely accessible bank account management software package developed by APH. This software package offers the user a simple and effective means of recording and maintaining accurate information for a variety of accounts. The user can import and use electronic banking information to reconcile accounts, remember the last workspace used in the program, emboss or print the check register in a variety of formats, and print many types of bank checks. Can be used with a screen reader or with its own self-voicing feature.

Download a free demo of Money Talks from this page: Click the Download link at the top of the page. See below to learn how to turn this demo into a full copy of Money Talks.

Money Talks: Digital Download: D-03560-ED -- $39.00

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Money Talks: Bank Account Management Software: CD-ROM Catalog Number: D-03560-00
Format: Software

Price: $49.00

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Money Talks: Bank Account Management Software: Digital Download Catalog Number: D-03560-ED
Format: Software

This product requires special handling. Please call APH customer service at 1-800-223-1839.


Additional Information:

Requirements to Run

  • PC running Windows® 98 or later
  • 15MB disk space
  • Internet Explorer® 5.5 or later
  • Sound card and speakers
  • CD-ROM drive

Two Ways to Order APH Software Products

  • Order the CD-ROM via website, toll-free phone, or mail.
  • Purchase the software through Digital Download. Download the demonstration version of the software from our website ( Then call our toll free number, (1-800-223-1839), and give us your credit card number. Within 24 hours, we will give you a code key that transforms your demo copy of the software into a full copy.

NOTE: Once CD-ROMs have been opened, they may only be returned if they are defective.