Six Little Dots

Rich tactile illustrations invite exploration and offer important learning opportunities for young children.

This children's storybook features charming text and tactile illustrations that invite exploration. “Meet Little Dot...he can hop from spot to spot!” begins this texture-rich book about braille fundamentals and the six most famous and versatile dots in all of literacy. Each 1/2 inch dot is a different and distinctive texture and color. Little Dot 1–sliding on elastic–even hops and moves about, exploring different dot positions along the way. The print/braille text introduces and names Dots 1 through 6, as they take their place in the braille cell:

"Little Dot 2 in the middle has no room to wiggle."
"Just so you know...Little Dot 3 is below."

The last pages of the book provide a display and a game wheel for the child to turn to play "Which Little Dot Am I?"

A Foundation for Literacy
Six Little Dots was written by Philippe Claudet. It encourages fingertip texture discrimination and exposure to spatial concepts—top, middle, bottom, above, below, and under. For students ready to be introduced to dot positions and names, it offers a fun approach to this step in their learning. It is intended to be read aloud and shared with children ages three years and up who are visually impaired and blind.

For emergent print readers, pictures act as an important bridge that supports the child in taking an active role in reading, as a listener and as a reader. Tactile illustrations in Six Little Dots serve this purpose. In addition, they offer critically important opportunities to build tactual exploration and discrimination skills.

A High-Quality Book
The book's text is provided in large print and contracted Unified English Braille (UEB). The clear, silkscreened braille is of high quality and extremely durable. Originally produced in French, the English version is produced for APH by Les Doigts Qui Rêvent (LDQR) workshop in Dijon, France. Since its beginning in 1994, LDQR has produced more than 40,000 tactile illustrated books in multiple languages.

WARNING: Choking Hazard -- Small Parts. Not intended for children ages 5 and under without adult supervision.


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