A Touch

A storybook to "lift the heart."

What could be simpler than a touch? Or more meaningful for young tactual learners? As the text and tactile illustrations in this book by Carlotta Vaccari show, "just a touch" – soft, smooth, fragrant, tickling—has the power to lift the heart.

A High-Quality Book A Touch is a colorful, texture-rich book perfect for reading aloud with a very young child. The sturdy pages are small and easy to turn, and the text is extremely brief. Heart–shaped textured pieces can be manipulated and used to stroke the child's hands and face. And at the end of the book, as promised, the heart takes wing and lifts from the page.

A Foundation for Literacy Reading aloud can be one of the most powerful contributions adults make to a young child's development of literacy. Awareness of written language is developed. Sharing books in an interactive manner, talking about the text and illustrations, has been demonstrated to build vocabulary and strengthen oral language skills. Not least important, reading aloud from a book enjoyed by both child and adult connects reading to pleasure.

For emergent print readers, pictures act as an important bridge helping the child take a more active role in reading, as a listener and as a reader. Tactile illustrations in A Touch are designed to serve a similar purpose. In addition, they offer critically important opportunities to build exploratory skills, tactile discrimination skills, and encounter spatial relationships.
The book's text is provided in large print and contracted Unified English Braille. The clear, silkscreened braille is of high quality and extremely durable. Originally produced in French, the English version is produced for APH by Les Doigts Qui Rêvent (LDQR) workshop in Dijon, France.

*In 2016 the International Bologna Children's Book Fair, the largest of its kind in the world, established a new award category: books about a character with a disability or books accessible to children with a disability. LDQR's French version of the book, titled La Chasse á l'Ours, was one of five books awarded in this category and the only awarded book in an accessible format. Since its beginning in 1994, LDQR has produced more than 40,000 tactile illustrated books in multiple languages.
Age Range:
3 and Up


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