The Best for a Nest, UEB

This large print/braille book includes color illustrations on each page that depict the text. interactive storybook provides an opportunity for the learner to focus on many concepts: position of objects, prepositional phrases, and use of tactile symbols.

Use of Storyboard

The storyboard should be removed from the book so the child can use the included tactile symbol manipulatives to illustrate what is happening on each page of the book. The child may need assistance when first placing tactile symbols on the storyboard. It is anticipated that the child will need less assistance as he/she gains experience. Make this experience fun and meaningful for the child.


Included with the book is a group of manipulatives: birds, nest, eggs, tree, branches, grass, and a cat. The manipulatives are tactile symbols that are designed to assist the child in better understanding the text.

Basic Concepts Can Be Explored

  • Counting – the number of branches, eggs, birds, nest, and cat
  • Left and Right – as related to the tree, its branches, and positions of the bird(s), and cat
  • Comparisons – of lengths of branches and sizes of birds
  • Top and Bottom – of the tree and the page
  • Around – the tree

Concepts Can Be Extended

  • Go outside and explore different trees and their branches with your child
  • Visit a pet shop and have him/her hold a bird
  • Find a bird nest and let the child examine it
  • Compare different eggs of birds and chickens with him/her

Topics for Discussion

  • Why do birds sit on their eggs?
  • Where do birds go when winter comes?
  • What are the seasons of the year (sequence) and their difference?
  • Why did the bird want to be safe from the cat?
  • What kind of food did the bird find on the ground?


WARNING: CHOKING HAZARD — Small parts. Not intended for children ages 5 and under without adult supervision.

Age Range:
2 and Up


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