CVI Book Builder Kit

This book making kit is designed to create individualized books for children diagnosed with Cerebral/Cortical Visual Impairment (CVI).

Children diagnosed with CVI frequently have difficulty in understanding objects, pictures, and letters presented against a complex background. CVI Book Builder provides materials for parents and teachers to build books specifically for their reader. The kit provides a variety of black pages and black binders to use as low complexity backgrounds against which to present familiar items, photos, and letters/words.

  • Builds a connection between an actual object and a photo of that object, teaching that photos (symbols) have meaning.
  • Takes advantage of natural learning opportunities; i.e. at toothbrushing times, present the child's toothbrush and describe it while letting them explore, and then proceed with brushing his teeth. Attach the toothbrush to a black needlepoint canvas page, present it next to the photo on a polyblend page.
  • Once the child demonstrates understanding of the photos in the book, you can begin to expand learning by exploring size, direction, colors, and other developmental concepts.
  • When understanding that symbols/pictures have meaning, they may be ready to explore letters/words.
  • Additional book ideas are listed in the guidebook.
CVI Book Builder Collection Includes
  • 3 Small, black binders
  • 1 Large, Black binder
  • 8 Black fabric pages for hook and loop attachments
  • 8 Black magnetic pages
  • 16 Black polyblend pages
  • 10 page protectors
  • Magnetic strips, adhesive-backed
  • Regular profile black hook and loop adhesive-backed coin sets
  • Braillable clear plastic label material
  • 50 Plastic banding ties
  • Guidebook, Large Print

To read more about the unique visual behaviors associated with CVI:

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