Jupiter Portable Magnifier

Jupiter is very easy to use. Whether it's in the classroom, workplace, or at home - this powerful magnifier allows you to continue those activities that bring joy to everyday life, while exploring new opportunities for lifelong education. The Jupiter is an APH Innovations product, and is not currently available on quota.

  • LCD Screen Size: 13”
  • Weight: Apprx. 8 lbs.
  • Three camera modes:
- Reading: excellent for reading a book, prescription bottle labels, completing a homework assignment, etc.
- Distance-view: magnifies up to 150x and is great for viewing a presentation, guest speaker, instructor, etc., at the front of a classroom/venue.
- Self-view: serves just like an HD mirror, and is perfect for applying make-up and other grooming activities.
  • LED screen with adjustable light brightness.
  • 35 color contrasting color modes to select according to your viewing preference and comfort.
  • Jupiter’s durable and portable design allows you to take this easy-to-use magnifier on the go!

  • Jupiter Portable Magnifier unit
  • Power adapter
  • Carrying pouch
  • User Manual (large print)
Sales Restriction:
Not available with Quota funds.
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Jupiter Portable Magnifier Catalog Number: 1-00370-00
Format: Product
Catalog Number: 1-00370-00
Format: Product

Price: $3,200.00

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