Refreshabraille 18, Version 3

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REVISED! Refreshabraille 18, Version 3


Refreshabraille 18™ is a unique handheld refreshable braille display and braille keyboard for desktop computers and mobile devices that has now been made even better. From a more ergonomic design to improved Bluetooth® security and simplicity, this revision of the Refreshabraille 18 has been crafted by customer input to be the best on-the-go braille display. From being able to customize the display by flipping the braille and all of the input keys to being able to reverse just the advance bars so that the left bar advances and the right goes back, this display has been designed so that YOUR preferences decide its function!


Supports common screen readers like Window-Eyes®, NVDA, System Access, and JAWS® for the PC; VoiceOver for the Mac®, iPad, iPhone, and iPod Touch; and Talks® and BrailleBack for smartphones and tablets. It combines an elegant design, reliability, and ease-of-use with a rugged metal case.


Use Refreshabraille 18 to Access Other Equipment
The Refreshabraille 18, like a computer’s monitor and keyboard, is a device designed to be used with other equipment. It provides the screen and keyboard for the primary device. Whether that device is a cell phone, PC, or tablet, every effort has been made to make the process simple, reliable, and trouble-free. Be aware, however that the device you plan to use must have software running on it that has the ability to communicate with a braille display. These include screen reader programs such as JAWS, VoiceOver, Window-Eyes, NVDA, and BrailleBack.



  • 18 eight-dot braille cells
  • 18 cursor routing keys
  • Eight-dot braille keyboard input
  • Forward and back scroll buttons
  • Five-position directional pad
  • Auxiliary space bar
  • USB connectivity
  • Two kinds of Bluetooth pairing, simple or secure
  • Protected USB charging port
  • Long battery life
  • Rechargeable lithium-ion battery (not user-replaceable)
  • Customizable: flip the braille display so the braille is closer to you or flip the scroll bars so you can read with the right hand and advance with the left hand or both

Updates to Refreshabraille 18, Version 3

  • Choose secure or simple Bluetooth pairing. Simple pairing lets the Refreshabraille automatically pair with any device you initiate pairing on while secure requires that a code be confirmed on both devices before pairing can take place
  • Reverse the advance bars. Reversing the advance bars lets you advance with your left hand while reading with your right hand
  • Directional pad allows for one hand operation and ease of use
  • More ergonomic ridged space bar
  • Now uses industry standard micro USB which is easier to plug in and also to replace if lost
  • New PC software means that updating and using the Refreshabraille 18 via USB has never been easier


  • Refreshabraille 18 display unit
  • USB cable (Standard-A to Micro-B)
  • CD-ROM
  • Quick Start Guide, in UEB braille
  • Quick Start Guide, print
  • One-year limited warranty

Manual: Refreshabraille 18, Version 3 User's Guide.


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Additional Information:

Cursor Routing
The 18 cursor routing keys are located immediately below the braille cells. Each braille cell has its own routing key. These keys work in conjunction with the screen reader or portable device to move the editing cursor to the place in the document that corresponds with what appears on the display.

Braille Input Keys
The braille input keys are arranged with the traditional six dots in a line, then the dot 7, space, and dot 8 below them. They may be used to type text on and control the host device.

Directional Pad
The directional pad is located between braille input keys for dot 1 and dot 4. It is a five-position switch, and depending on the software you use with the device, these keys usually act like the four arrow keys and select.

Dimensions: The Refreshabraille 18 measures 5.12 x 3.54 x 0.98 inches.