Tactile Clothing Tape

Create labels for color, laundry instructions, or other information about clothing – stays attached through washing, drying, and ironing!


Tactile Clothing Tape allows braille readers to keep colors and other information about their clothing and linens exactly where they need it: attached to the item and ready to be read. The brailled information remains clean and readable after going through automatic washers and dryers, and even holds up under an iron as long as a layer of fabric is kept between the iron and the label!


If you find labels uncomfortable when wearing a garment, you can remove the label before putting on the garment and reattach it later.


Unlike pre-made color labels that are limited to a few clothing colors, this tape allows you to include your own abbreviations for as many colors or patterns as you wish. You can create labels with laundry instructions, clothes matching information, names, etc.


Persons who participate in sports or other activities in which they change into uniforms or bathing suits, students enrolled in a school for the blind or a rehabilitation center, persons attending a summer camp, or anyone who must identify clothing if it becomes mixed with clothing belonging to others may find braille name labels helpful.



  • Two 120-inch rolls of 1/2 inch wide tape
  • Two packs of sturdy quilting safety pins
  • Braille and print instructions


To Make Labels:

  • Use braille label marker or braille slate with slots for labeling tape (not included)
  • Braille desired information on tape
  • Leave approx. 1/2 inch of space on one end of tape for safety pin or on both ends for sewing
  • Cut label off roll
  • Pin or sew label to clothing or linens
  • Keep label attached when item is laundered and/or ironed


Note: Includes safety pins, please supervise young children when using.

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