SAM: Symbols and Meaning Kit

A kit for students with visual and multiple impairments and pre-school children with visual impairments who are just beginning to use symbols -- the late sensorimotor, early preoperational stage of cognitive development.

The SAM Guidebook provides strategies for developing a strong sensory foundation for concepts about people, objects, actions, and places so that symbols referring to them are meaningful. 

The self and others
Objects: Tangible things
Actions: Body movements of the self and others
Places: Where things are, contexts for groups of things
Using SAM enables learners to understand:
• What is it?
• What does it do?
• How does it relate to other things?

The 18 SAM games are used to reinforce the meaning of symbols learned in natural environments and to expand the use of symbols to communication contexts like books. In order to determine needs and plan instruction, SAM provides four assessments:
• Symbol and Referent Analysis: Common Words
• Symbol and Referent Analysis: Academic Vocabulary
• Environmental Gap Inventory: Missing Concepts in Common Environments
• Curriculum-based Gap Inventory: Early Academic Skills and Basic Concepts
SAM kit includes
• 2 baskets
• Digital recorder
• 25 plastic story pages
• Assessments and Games book
• Electronic assessment forms
• Flash drive
• Guidebook, Large Print
• SAM videos
• Sport bag
• 3 sizes, Story bags
• 3 sizes, Story binders
• Vinyl story box liners
• 6 story boxes
• Non-glare plastic tray liner
• Vinyl tray liners
• Trays, two
• Black hook/loop material strip and coins
• White hook/loop material strip and coins 


This invaluable tool advances our understanding of how to create accessible and meaningful learning activities for children with visual and multiple impairments and pre-school children with visual impairments who are just beginning to use symbols. -- Tanni Anthony, Ph.D.

APH Intervention Continuum
APH recommends that learners use the following three products sequentially:
1. Sensory Learning Kit
2. SAM: Symbols and Meaning
3. Tactile Connections: Symbols for Communication

WARNING: Choking Hazard -- Small Parts. Not intended for children ages 5 and under without adult supervision.



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