Sudoku Partner 6 x 6 - ON SALE

Finally a tactile sudoku -- have fun while exercising your brain!

Sudoku Partner 6x6 is a portable, reusable board for setting up and solving 6x6 sudoku puzzles. Its advantage over other sudoku solving boards is that it allows you to mark possible answers in each box to help you keep track of them, without hundreds of separate pieces. It is also useful for those who don't know braille but still want a tactile system for solving the puzzles.

Like a standard print sudoku puzzle, the board has an array of small and large rectangles. The small ones are called boxes and the large ones are called blocks. Each block is made up of six boxes—three boxes across and two boxes high. Tactually, the boxes are outlined in smooth raised lines and the blocks in heavier dashed lines.

Classroom teachers using sudoku in school may want to take steps to introduce students thoroughly to the solving board and the terminology before jumping straight into solving puzzles. It is especially important to make sure students can track left to right, up and down, and at the same time look for information tactually. Building success through gradual steps should keep the activity enjoyable for students, too. For these reasons, the booklet that comes with the kit includes a suggested teaching progression.


  • Two puzzle-solving boards
  • Booklets with rules, examples, and puzzles in print and braille
  • 150 puzzles provided with answers, at three difficulty level
On Sale! Available while supplies last!
Age Range:
10 and Up
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