Child-guided Strategies: The Van Dijk Approach to Assessment

This product offers an easy-to-use guidebook with an accompanying flash drive that follows the assessment of a baby, a young child, and a teenager. The Van Dijk assessment is unique as it follows the lead of the individual learner. Critical to the process is the recognition that assessment and intervention must always occur hand in glove and that meaningful assessment guides intervention. This product contains the guiding principle and guidelines to conduct an assessment that follows the Van Dijk approach.


  • Behavioral State
  • Orienting Response
  • Learning Channels
  • Approach-Withdrawal
  • Memory
  • Social Interactions
  • Communication
  • Problem Solving

Includes: Large Print Guidebook

Accessible Flash Drive Includes

  • Read Me
  • Web Document (XML)
  • Braille Document
  • Parent Interview Questions Form
  • Observation Worksheets
  • Summary Form


Child-guided Strategies: The Van Dijk Approach to Assessment Catalog Number: 7-31001-00
Format: Product

Price: $45.00

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