Swirly Mat Sets: Version II

Durable, non-toxic Swirly Mats II™ come in two sets: Cortical Visual Impairment (CVI) and Functional Vision Assessment (FVA).

The Swirly Mats II are an extension of Swirly Mat Sets. Swirly Mats II CVI™ have added elements for more complexity; Swirly Mats II FVA™ have added elements and different color choices. Both sets can be used for locating, tracking, color discrimination, etc. Try them with APH's Mini-Lite Box (sold separately) or on one of the durable tabletop mats included in the kits. Each set includes three tabletop mats (yellow, black, and white), print and braille instructions, three hook & loop dots, and a plastic carrying case.

When used in a slanted position, the Swirly Mat II will need to be flipped over occasionally so that the liquid will continue to move and not rest in the bottom of the mat. If the environment where you will be using the Swirly Mats II is distracting, you can block it with an APH Invisiboard™.

Note: Always provide adult supervision when using Swirly Mats with young children. Mats are completely sealed; however, in the event of a rupture, small pieces inside the mats may present a choking hazard. Liquids are non-toxic but will stain. Use Caution.

Swirly Mats II CVI for Use During Functional Vision Evaluation These mats can be used to assess the characteristics of color preference, need for movement, visual latency, visual field preference, levels of visual complexity, need for light, distance viewing, visual novelty, and visually-guided reach.

CVI Mats, 1 ea.
  • clear with black disks and stars
  • yellow/clear with smiley faces
  • red/clear with disk confetti
  • silver/clear with star confetti

Swirly Mats II FVA for Use During Functional Vision Evaluation or Visual Skills Development Activities These mats can be used to assess the characteristics of color preference, visual detail, visual contrast, detail and number discrimination, levels of visual complexity, ability to cross midline, visual novelty, and visually-guided reach.

Swirly Mats II FVA in order of complexity are: Turquoise, Scarlet, Orange, and Clear.

FVA Mat, 1 ea.
  • scarlet/clear with heart confetti
  • turquoise/clear with sea life confetti
  • clear with white, silver, and blue snowflake confetti
  • orange/clear with pumpkin confetti
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Swirly Mat Sets: CVI, II Catalog Number: 1-08158-00
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Swirly Mat Sets: FVA, II Catalog Number: 1-08159-00
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Swirly Mat Sets: Bringing The World to our Kids
Article excerpt from the field, by Kristie Smith, M.Ed, CTVI
Originally published in the Fred's Head From APH Blog


As a teacher in the field of visual impairment, I am always on the lookout for exciting new materials. Imagine my delight when I discovered a product from the American Printing House for the Blind (APH) catalog called Swirly Mat Sets.


Swirly Mats come to you with a protective box and coverings. Each mat is made from plastic and contains beautiful floating objects. Upon initial inspection, one may feel compelled to place a Swirly Mat in front of their eyes and explore the world around them through the mat’s transparent exterior. Moving the objects contained within the mat is great fun as well. My blind students love the various texture sensations the mats provide.


Children will thrill at placing the mats on the floor and squishing the gel-like fluid tightly sealed within. The various colorful shapes inside will react accordingly to manipulation. This simple activity has been shown to enhance both lower-visual and pincher skills.


My favorite mats are those designed for children who have cortical vision impairment (CVI). Children with CVI have a visual system that more readily perceives yellow, black, white, and red rather than other colors. The CVI mats are constructed with this in mind and also include an array of less complex shapes within.


Another great idea for a Swirly Mat is to place it on the Mini-Lite Box which illuminates and enhances the high-contrast color objects inside.


When educators and parents use wonderful items like the Swirly Mat, they are helping their children develop awareness, concepts, and skills that will be the basis for years of learning yet to come.


Do you have some great ideas about using APH products? We encourage you to submit an article to the Fred's Head from APH blog. Contact Marissa Stalvey, APH's Social Media Coordinator, mstalvey@aph.org


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