Reach and Match Learning Kit and Inclusive Learning Program

An innovative system for students with sensory impairment and other special needs to learn and engage with their peers.


The Reach & Match® Learning Kit provides toddler training for manual dexterity and identifying tactile patterns. It provides pre-schoolers with braille and print learning, motor development, direction, and spacial awareness training. Originally created for children with BVI, a preliminary review revealed that children with autism also enjoy playing and learning with Reach & Match.

There are four large puzzle piece mats, each a different color: red, blue, green, and yellow. One side of each mat has a texture with a tactile pattern that matches corresponding tiles. The other side of the mats all have the same texture but with a recessed white path about the width of an adult finger. Along the path are cut-out shapes that correspond to the same tiles. The tiles are stored in a round pillow with a zipper closure that is placed in the middle of the four large puzzle mats.

Student development theorist, Lev Vygotsky encouraged the importance of relationships and interactions between students and more knowledgeable peers and adults. He believed that a student’s cognitive understandings were enriched and deepened when they were "scaffold" by a parent, teachers, or peers. 

  • 4 large double-sided sensory mats
  • 26 double-sided braille & print blocks
  • 1 round cushion
  • 1 carrying bag
  • 1 Reach & Match Inclusive Learning Program

The 26 blocks include:
  • Seven white and red round tiles with the letters A through G. The texture on the red side is similar to grains of rice. The tactile marking is four raised circles.
  • Seven white and blue triangle tiles with the letters H through N. The texture on the blue side is similar to brick on a building. The tactile marking is three parallel S curves.
  • Six white and green square tiles with the letters O through T. The texture on the green side is similar to brick on a building and the tactile marking is five, thin parallel straight lines.
  • Six white and yellow pentagon tiles with the letters U through Z. The texture on the yellow side is similar to grains of rice. The tactile marking is three thick parallel lines with rounded corners.


Reach and Match Learning Kit and Inclusive Learning Program Catalog Number: 1-08816-00
Format: Product

Price: $900.00

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