Bear Hunt Print-Braille Book, UEB

Rich tactile illustrations invite exploration and offer important learning opportunities for young children.

"Are you ready? Today is the Day!"

"We're going on a Bear Hunt..." begins this award-winning* tactile version of the classic American chant, created for APH by Les Doigts Qui Rêvent (LDQR). The book is a wonderful romp through tactile landscapes that invite children on a multisensory expedition toward a bear's cave.

As the reader journeys across the page, sliding a small token along a path, fingers encounter waving grass, a silken stream, a squishy marsh, trunks of trees, and slippery (You can hear it scrunch!) "snow." Feeling inside the cave reveals a furry face with big eyes, a soft nose–and sharp teeth! Children are sure to identify this quickly, then run for home, where they can open the door, lock it, and hide beneath the bedcovers.

A High-Quality Book
Each book's manufacture involves 30 minutes of sewing and additional hours to cut, shape and attach the diverse textures and objects that form the colorful collage style illustrations.

In addition to tactually engaging and visually attractive illustrations, the print/braille text offers chances for children to say the repeated phrases and fun words (swish swish!, splish splash!, squish squash!) that are part of the chant's oral tradition. The repetition of positional words–over, under, across, through–supports concept development.

A Foundation for Literacy
Altogether, this is an exceptional book for building a foundation for early literacy and provides the perfect recipe to stir up a desire to read in young emergent and early braille readers, as well as readers of all ages and visual abilities.
Grade Level:
P and Up


Bear Hunt, Print-Braille Book, UEB Catalog Number: 6-77955-00
Format: Braille

Price: $299.00

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