Book Port Plus: Daisy Online Delivery Update

This optional DAISY Online Delivery (DOD) firmware update adds DAISY delivery capabilities to APH's Book Port Plus. Background: Several DAISY Online services have been available directly from APH for quite some time, including APH’s accessible editions of magazines (Reader's Digest® and Newsweek®), Bookshare, and Open Library. And now you may also access NLS content directly from a DAISY capable player! APH's Book Port DT and other DAISY clients can use this service to aggregate titles from these various services.

APH's provision of the four services listed above consists of a combination of a server, a content provider, and a client. The server is hosted at American Printing House for the Blind. The content provider makes the content available. The DAISY Online services are provided solely by APH. APH ties together the application programming interfaces from the four services into a consistent service. New Optional DAISY Online Delivery Update for Book Port Plus

The new, optional DAISY Online Delivery update ties together the four services listed above. This means you may download content from any of these services directly to your Book Port Plus without having to use a computer. It requires the 6.02 version of the firmware and comes preconfigured with the four services hosted by the APH DOD server. All you need to do to start using the services is to have an account with each service you want and to add your credentials to Book Port Plus.

To Order DAISY Online Delivery Update
The $29 DAISY Online Delivery Update for Book Port Plus cannot be ordered directly from To order, please contact APH Customer Service at 1-800-223-1839 or

IMPORTANT: You must provide us with your email address and the serial number of your Book Port Plus.

You can locate your Book Port Plus serial number under the battery or it can be spoken to you using the following sequence: Press the Menu button, select System, select Properties, then the Book Port Plus will speak the serial number. To exit this sequence, press the Menu button again. Normally, APH does not charge for software updates and firmware updates, but licensing fees required for Book Port Plus require a modest charge for DAISY Online Delivery. The Book Port DT update is still free.

For more information about the DAISY Online Server, see

Price: $29.00
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Book Port Plus: Daisy Online Delivery Update Catalog Number: 1-07191-ED
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This product requires special handling. Please call APH customer service at 1-800-223-1839.