CVI Complexity Sequence Kit

APH's CVI Complexity Sequences Kit includes cards that present sequences of images designed to refine the ability to identify a target in the presence of increasing amounts of background information. These cards may be used individually or as a sequence and should be presented against a black or plain, light-absorbing background.

An important tool for use by:
| Parents of children with Cortical Visual Impairment (CVI) | Teachers of visually impaired students (TVIs) | Instructors of TVIs

Sequence Cards Available in Your Web Browser! Customers who have purchased the CVI Complexity Sequences Kit can now utilize all 80 of the images in digital format in their web browser!* Please go to:

This link is also available on the APH CVI website,
| For your convenience and teaching use, the images are accessible using your browser on a desktop computer, laptop, tablet computer, or smartphone. | Each image appears individually on a white background in your browser window.| On-screen buttons allow you to navigate from image to image and from image set to image set, both forward and backward.

*Note: We do not recommend that you use these images with students unless you are following the protocols described in the Guidebook that accompanies the CVI Complexity Sequences Kit.
Grade Level:
P and Up
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CVI Complexity Sequence Kit Catalog Number: 1-08156-00
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Catalog Number: 1-08156-00
Format: Product

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