Charge Syndrome Revisited (2007) CD-ROM

The frequency of behavior problems in children with sensory impairment is greater than in other groups of children. Children with CHARGE Syndrome often have a multitude of physical, sensory, endocrinological, and developmental problems. Therefore, it is likely that a range of behavior problems may develop.

This CD-ROM presents a 5 year follow-up of 6 children with CHARGE Syndrome. Topics discussed include:

  • Analysis and Intervention of Challenging Behaviors
  • Methods to Enhance Communication
  • Use of Cochlear Implant(s)
  • How to Design an IEP
  • Attachment
  • Depression

Note: This CD-ROM has a new title and catalog number. The former title was Living with CHARGE. The content and price have not changed.


by Dr. Jan van Dijk, Dr. Cathy Nelson, and Arno de Kort, MD
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Charge Syndrome Revisited (2007) CD-ROM Catalog Number: 1-31003-01
Format: E-File

Price: $29.00

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