Crafty Graphics, Stencil Embossing Kit - ON SALE

Create your own embossed graphics using this handy, fun kit of tools designed for dry pressure embossing.

This kit contains stencils, embossing tools, and other items needed to create tactile graphics by dry pressure embossing. You supply your own light source to place underneath sheets to be embossed (for example, APH's Mini-Lite Box or natural light).

The types of graphics you can create are almost infinite, including graphs, clock faces, cards, flash cards, street maps, flowcharts, etc. 

Note: Mini-Lite Box sold separately

Kit Includes:

  • Nine Brass Stencils, such as Block Letters, Geometric, and Bold Plaid Stripe
  • Eight Unique Stenciling Tools, such as Stylus with Medium and Large Tips, Serrated Tracing Wheel, and Standard Braille Signage Stencil
  • Twenty Whole Objects Stencils: such as Apple, Teddy Bear, Heart, etc.
  • Stenciling Accessories Pack, with Soft Wire Screen, Foam Pads, and Clear Vinyl Sheet
  • Bold Line Graph Paper, 8 1/2 x 11 inches, 1/4 inch grid
  • Wooden Braille Eraser
  • Guidebook with instructions, tips, and techniques for creating good embossed graphics. Guidebook in large print and on CD-ROM. Optional Braille Guidebook available separately
  • Carrying case
On Sale! Available while supplies last!
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Crafty Graphics, Stencil Embossing Kit - ON SALE Catalog Number: 1-08844-00
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Price: $129.00

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