Developmental Guidelines for Infants with Visual Impairments: A Guidebook for Early Intervention, Second Edition

This thoroughly-researched manual describes what is known about the development of infants with visual impairments. 

Developmental Guidelines for Infants with Visual Impairments, 2nd Edition contains a wealth of information based on recent research and empirically-based observations. Authored by Drs. Amanda Hall Lueck, Deborah Chen, Linda S. Kekelis, and Elizabeth Hartmann, this guidebook is helpful to professionals who work with infants with visual impairments. Professionals and caregivers will learn the sequence in which many skills develop. 

Topics Covered
  • Visual impairment in infants (overview)
  • Social-emotional development
  • Communication development
  • Cognitive development
  • Fine motor development
  • Gross motor development
  • Functional vision development
  • Use of the guidelines to develop intervention goals and strategies
  • Developmental chart sources
  • Resources for additional reading

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Additional Information:

Intervention Methods

In Developmental Guidelines, recent research and intervention methods for infants with visual impairment have been reviewed and summarized in two ways:

  • Narrative Chapters present specific intervention concerns
  • Developmental Charts present critical development indicators 

The Narrative Chapters for each developmental area address critical issues and provide an overall perspective of intervention options. The guidelines for intervention in these chapters include descriptions, explanations, intervention concerns, and opportunities for learning.

The Developmental Charts are organized into primary processes with specific indicators of those processes. The sequence rather than expected ages for development have been emphasized in the charts.

Developmental Guidelines was designed mainly for professionals who serve infants with visual impairments. It is available in standard print, braille, HTML, and DAISY formats for full accessibility.

A form called Summary of Developmental Strengths and Intervention Concerns (Summary Consumables Forms, 10-pack) is available in packets of ten as a consumable item. These forms are used to plan interventions for infants with visual impairments.  


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