Expandable Calendar Boxes, Stabilizer

Delivery of calendar boxes to students with limited mobility made easy!

Based on feedback from a special education teacher who works in an active-learning classroom, the Calendar Box Stabilizer is a smooth platform created to support APH Expandable Calendar Boxes (available separately – see next page) when two or more are connected.

Designed to rest on the majority of wheelchair trays, the stabilizer allows learning partners to present calendar boxes on a variety of surfaces (e.g., tabletops, floors) or hold them in the air before the student. The stabilizer is white on one side and black on the opposite side. For the visual ease of students—especially those students with cerebral/cortical visual impairment (CVI)—use the included white hook and loop material on the white side of the stabilizer and black hook and loop material on the black side.

  • Stabilizers, black-white reverse (3)
  • Black hook material, 48 inches
  • White hook material, 48 inches
  • Black loop material, 78 inches
  • White loop material, 78 inches Instructions, large print (free brf download: www.aph.org/manuals)
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Expandable Calendar Boxes, Stabilizer Format: Product
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Price: $37.00

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