Giant Textured Beads with Pattern Matching Cards

These 12 large beads vary in color, shape, and texture and include Pattern Matching Cards and Sorting Trays.

This product helps teachers and parents working with young students in preschool, kindergarten, and early elementary grades who have visual impairments and blindness. However, because the Pattern Matching Cards reinforce the tactile continuum from real object (most basic level) to raised-line graphics (most advanced level), students in higher grades will be challenged by the increasing difficulty posed by the Platform and 3-D View matching cards. 

The Pattern Matching Cards and accompanying sorting trays extend the usefulness of APH's original Giant Textured Beads and encourage development of the following concepts and skills:
  • Exploring and identifying shapes, textures, and colors
  • Sorting and classifying by various attributes
  • Recognizing, describing, repeating, extending, and creating patterns that are consistent with the National Council of Teachers of Mathematics (NCTM) Standards for Grades K-3
  • Fine motor skills such as stringing beads or inserting beads and matching cards into sorting trays
  • Vocabulary expansion related to shapes, textures, colors, and spatial concepts
  • Interpreting tactile displays within a purposeful context


  • 12 Giant Textured Beads with three different textures, colors, and shapes
  • Bead Stringer
  • Drawstring bag (to store beads)
  • 12 Duplicate color/tactile matching cards
  • 12 Platform color/tactile matching cards
  • 12 3-D View color/tactile matching cards
  • 2 Sorting Trays (with non-skid backing)
  • Activity Booklet, both large print and braille
  • Storage/Carrying Box

 WARNING: Strangulation Hazard -- Take precautions to ensure children do not become entangled in included cord.
Age Range:
3 and Up
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Giant Textured Beads with Pattern Matching Cards Catalog Number: 1-03778-00
Format: Product

Price: $182.00

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