Gross Motor Development Curriculum

This curriculum and video provide the foundation for an active lifestyle during childhood and beyond.

Movement is an essential component of a healthy, happy life. The child who is blind cannot simply "watch and do" like her peers with sight. Someone must teach her skills using tactile teaching methods. APH is excited to publish Gross Motor Development Curriculum (GMDC) by authors Pamela Haibach, PhD, and Lauren Lieberman, PhD.

GMDC is thoughtfully written and easy to implement. The use of the curriculum provides opportunities to meet the nine components of the Expanded Core Curriculum, which increases opportunities for employment and increases life satisfaction in individuals with visual impairments.

This three-part book addresses the specific skills of children with visual impairments based upon research findings on fundamental motor skills. The curriculum (Part I and Part II) discusses general instructional strategies that are effective in teaching gross motor skills to individuals with visual impairment, blindness, and deafblindness, while it details specific teaching techniques, cues, and modified equipment for instruction of 16 gross motor skills. Part III, the appendices, provides protocols for children who have visual impairments, lead-up activities, and practice records. In addition, the practice records are available as a free download from the APH website

The curriculum provides teachers and parents with a detailed breakdown of each locomotor skill and object control skill: description, materials, task analysis/practice, and teaching modifications and adaptations. Whether you use the Test of Gross Motor Development, FitnessGram®, or another gross motor assessment, GMDC will help your student learn and master the needed skills to perform with his or her peers.

Video: This instructional video and other downloadable materials related to GMDC are available on the APH Physical Education, Recreation, and Health website.
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