Guide To Good Food

[This book] is designed to give you information about food and nutrition you can use every day. This practical text focuses on the latest advice on diet and physical activity to help you make healthful food and fitness choices.... Throughout the text you will find health, business etiquette, safety, consumer, and environmental tips. -Introd.
Velda L. Largen, Deborah L. Bence.
Original Publisher:
Grade Level:
9 to 12
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Guide to Good Food Catalog Number: A-B0513-00
Format: Braille, v. 18, 2790

Price: $847.00

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Guide to Good Food Format: Tactile
Catalog Number: A-B0513-GR

Price: $43.00

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Guide To Good Food Catalog Number: L-C04211-00
Format: Large Print, 2 v., 716

Price: $352.00

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